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WHAT we offer you 

  • Universal pet profile for pet owners a pet-risk score for you 
  • Review and verify your service dog and ESA requests
  • No-pet tenants on the record to minimize unauthorized pet violations
  • Easy and consistent process for you as a property manager
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HOW you roll us out

  1. Create awareness about using PetScreening in your application for new tenants
  2. Ensure completion of a new applicant's PetScreening profile before finalizing lease
  3. Require registration for all renewing tenants and current tenants who get a new pet or animal mid-lease
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GROW your business

  • Learn with PetScreening University and use our platform like a Pro
  • Integrate your leasing software with PetScreening to enhance your experience
  • Use our free service to drive revenue into your firm in multiple ways- ask your account specialist how!
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