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How to Log In

1. Visit & click Log In
2. Enter your Email and Password
3. Click Log In

How to reset your password

1. Visit & click Log In
2. Click 'I Forgot My Password'
3. Enter your Email & click Reset Password
4. Check your email for further instructions

Performance Dashboard

Add Users & Permissions

User Permissions Defined


+ Search, view & share all profile types
+ Edit property manager section of all profile types
+ Incident reporting (bites, damage, unauthorized pets, etc.) capabilities on all profile types
+ Commenting capabilities on all profile types


Includes all of Service Provider User access plus…
+ Ability to Add/Delete Users
+ Access and change permissions to User Settings
+ Access and change permissions to Sub-Account Settings
+ Access and change permissions to Account Settings (FIDO Score, Landing Page, AA Review Process, Required Fields)


Includes all of Service Provider User access plus…
+ Ability to edit the property manager’s internal assistance animal review process rules (this workflow provides the PM the ability to create an internal assistance animal reviewer(s) for the purpose of having the final review of PetScreening’s reasonable accommodation request determination)
- Restricted from viewing third-party health care documentation (must add Service Provider User HIPPA permission)


+ Viewing capability of the Assistance Animal details section with the uploaded third-party health care documentation
- Restricted from viewing any comments in the bar at the top of the profiles
- Provides the ability to search and view profiles, but unable to share profiles

Global Profile Search

There will be instances when an applicant does not use your company’s unique PetScreening referral link. In these cases, use the Global Profile Search feature which allows you to search and request Profile access.
To use the Global Profile Search feature in your PetScreening account:
1. Click Profiles on the top menu bar, then click Global Profile Search
2. Enter the resident’s last name and the pet/animal’s first name and click Search
3. If a match is found, click Request Access next to the match
Your resident will receive an email requesting he/she grant your company access. If granted, the Profile is automatically added to your company’s account and you are notified by email.
See the image below for more guidance.

Global Profile Search


Archive Resident/Applicant Accounts

If a Resident vacates or an Applicant does not move in, Property Managers can archive the Resident's/Applicant's PetScreening account. 

To remove a Resident or Applicant from your account, follow these steps:

1. Open the Resident or Applicant profile on your Profiles page in PetScreening.

2. Click the circle eye icon in the Service Provider Section of the profile.

3. Confirm that you would like to archive all of the Resident's/Applicant's profiles to remove them from your account.

Note: Archiving a Resident/Applicant will remove ALL of the profiles associated with that individual from the Property Manager's Profiles page. 

If a Resident/Applicant has multiple Pet Profiles but needs to remove only one Pet Profile due to no longer having the pet associated with that profile, then the resident/applicant can do so directly through his/her “My Profiles” dashboard.

🚩 How can I view archived resident profiles? Can they be reactivated?

View a list of your archived profiles on your Profiles page by checking the Only Show Archived Profiles checkbox at the top.

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 10.04.08 AM (1)

Profiles can be reactivated in your account by clicking the eye icon to the right of the Service Provider section on each profile.

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 10.01.58 AM (1)

Profiles Tab

People Tab

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