Introducing PetScreening

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When an Applicant/Resident Asks Why

Responses to "Why do I need to complete a PetScreening profile?"
  • No Pets / Co-Pets (no reason not to acknowledge policies and it’s free)
  • Pets (not a protected class and isn’t an’s simple to understand: if you have a pet then we need your pet’s profile for our records. If you choose not to share your pet’s profile with us then you can’t have your pet with you in your residence.)
  • Assistance Animals (If someone simply refuses to use our service for their assistance animal then do not force them to do so. Work with them and show them you are being reasonable to try and help even if they refuse. Just contact us at and we will walk you through the process...what you can request from them, once you have the documentation you can share it with our aa review team, and we will review the aa request outside of tool review. We are always here to help you.)

Benefits to Residents

  • A Resident-Focused Service to Keep Pets and Residents Safe: To provide residents with the most pet-friendly and pet-responsible experience, all pets and animals on a property must be accounted for. Unauthorized pets can put other residents—and their animals—at risk and create a liability risk for the pet owner. By requiring residents to fill out a pet profile and formally acknowledge pet policies at the time of application, all residents fully understand a community’s pet guidelines. 
  • Help with Emergency Preparedness: While we hope disaster never strikes at one of our communities, we want to make sure you and your animals are safe if one does. With all pets properly registered, first responders will know how many pets to look for when attempting to save them from a home. Keeping in mind pets will find hiding spots during events such as a hurricane or a fire, first responders will have more success retrieving and protecting them when armed with precise information. Additionally, you will have all of your pet’s vet records, microchip information and photographs on a mobile PetScreening account should you be traveling or on vacation when an emergency happens.
  • Ensure Residents With Needs for Service and Support Animals ESAs Have Them Onsite: PetScreening will screen all reasonable requests for service or support animals and ensure residents with verifiable documentation are able to have them at their homes. The service will also quickly diagnose any invalid documentation and ensure only authorized service and assistance animal requests are honored, further ensuring a pet-responsible experience for all residents. 
  • What About Non-Pet Owners?: Residents without pets and animals also acknowledge pet policies at the time of application. These residents might acquire or housesit a pet or animal during their stay, and this ensures these residents also fully understand the community guidelines.
  • Guidelines for Pet Sitting: Gray area exists at many communities with regard to visiting pets. The PetScreening platform ensures that residents acknowledge to properly report any guest pets to the community, which helps preserve the pet-friendly, pet-responsible atmosphere. It also helps ensure that all animals on the property are accounted for in the above emergency scenario.

How to Reach Us

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