PetScreening Introduction

No-Cost Business Model

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Property Managers of pet-friendly properties are eligible to use PetScreening.
  • PetScreening's free services are bundled. Assistance animal validation cannot be provided without also sending us all of your household pet applications for screening.
  • Pet owners (NOT animal owners) are charged a nominal fee to use PetScreening (outlined later in this lesson).
  • The ratio of household pet profiles to assistance animal profiles in each housing provider's account is reviewed quarterly. Failure to meet a minimum pet threshold will result in the suspension of our assistance animal reviews.

📎Additional Resources
Terms of Service (Housing Provider)
Terms of Service (Residents)
Privacy Policy

Service Workflow

Service Workflow

🔔 If PetScreening is integrated with your property management software, please review course PSU 102: Integrations for software-specific instructions.