We brought together national-level resources to help the single family residential property management industry navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greg Murphy, M.D.

Congressman (NC-03), United States House of Representatives

Thomas A. Stith, III

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) NC Director

Tyler Craddock

NARPM National Government Affairs Director

Harry Heist

Heist, Weisse & Wolk, P.A. Partner and Managing Attorney


The tele-town hall panel guests discussed the national health pandemic, the CARES Act, business loans available to property managers, SFR industry resources, legal updates related to rent payments, evictions, late fees, and much more.


Indera Mills – NC based textile company: 1-800-334-8605,  Customer Service Option 1


0:01 - John Bradford Tele-Town Hall Introduction
- Greg Murphy, M.D. Opening Comments

9:08 - Thomas Stith, III Opening Comments
15:40 - Tyler Craddock Opening Comments
22:21 - Harry Heist Opening Comments

32:50 - Q&A with Greg Murphy
— Are we seeing the curve flatten?
— Will there be a resurgence of COVID-19 in the fall?

35:37 - Q&A with Thomas Stith, III
— What is the estimated timeline for when PPP funds will run out?
— What advice would you give to individuals who have not submitted their PPP yet or if they have submitted but have not heard back from their bank?
— I have been approved for PPP but have not seen the funds - when will this happen?
— Usually, if you have a loan and are forgiven on the debt you are expected to pay income tax, for these PPP loans, will the business be taxed as income?
— What is the date for independent contractors? and for others?

39:13 - Q&A with Tyler Craddock
— If there is no state resource (for NARPM) what should they do?

43:00 - Q&A with Harry Heist
— Covered vs Non-covered?

— Can proof be required that tenants are being impacted by COVID-19?
— If a tenant was being evicted prior to the act and the order, can a property manager continue to charge a late fee or evict?
— What is the start date of the 120-day moratorium?